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Teresa Petersen


Teresa Petersen Welcome to my studio

Teresa Petersen welcomes you to her studio in the Pioneer Building, overlooking Detroit's Grand Boulevard.

You're in the studio!

Walk through the door into Teresa's studio. Finished pieces, of all shapes and sizes, decorate the wall near the door.

Have a seat.

The sun streams through the windows in front of the building to spill onto the sculptures and collages lined up along the studio walls. Teresa's studio overlooks Grand Boulevard in the center of Detroit.

Hi!  I'm Teresa!

In the opposite corner from the door, Teresa is sitting at her desk piecing together a collage. More finished work on the wall in the background.

Start stacking stuff.

The storage area behind where Teresa is sitting. Piles of old magazines providing raw material for collages are on the left; the shelves are full of piles of miscellaneous parts for assemblages.

More stuff!

Continuing around the space, the corner behind where Teresa is sitting is stacked full of raw materials -- magazines and paper and furniture and bits of metal and wood.


A second work area, again near the door, is being used to display more assemblages.

In addition to these pictures, see more pictures taken during the 2003 Pioneer Building Open House.

The Pioneer Building

Teresa's studio is located in the Pioneer Building, 2679 E. Grand Boulevard, Detroit MI.

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